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92nd Annual Meeting

Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, 900 Convention Center Blvd., New Orleans, LA

The theme of the 2012 AMS Annual Meeting was, Technology in Research and Operations—How We Got Here and Where We’re Going.” With the 1951 delivery of UNIVAC I, arguably the first government “supercomputer,” and the 1960 launch of TIROS I, the first weather satellite, the stage was set for a revolution in meteorology—later in oceanography, geography, space weather, land-observing, and climate. This technology-driven revolution now encompasses the full spectrum of our professional society’s physical and social sciences...  Read More

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Blog Posts from The Front Page

3 February 2012
Avid Surfer, Forecaster Receives Joanne Simpson Award for Sustained Mentorship of Colleagues
Mark Willis, a development manager and forecast strategist for Surfline—the go-to global surfing forecast company—is the 2012, and first, recipient of The Joanne Simpson Mentorship Award. Willis, a lifelong surfer who is at home when the surf is cranking, won the award for aiding NWS volunteer interns in gaining experience valuable to their future careers through [...]
30 January 2012
Hazardous Weather Testbed Team Wins 2012 Spengler Award for Severe Storm Collaboration
The 2012 Kenneth C. Spengler Award recipient is a team of eight scientists and forecasters with the NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed (HWT). Their collaborative efforts are being acknowledged for bringing the government, academic, and private sectors together in a visionary, proactive, and exemplary manner to deal with the challenges posed by hazardous weather. The HWT, [...]
26 January 2012
That’s All, Folks!
26 January 2012
2012 Remote Sensing Prize Winner Sees Polarimetric Radar Research Go Nationwide
Viswanathan N. “V.N.” Bringi, professor emeritus of electrical and computer engineering at Colorado State University, is the 2012 recipient of the AMS Remote Sensing Prize. Known to many simply as “Bringi,” his career-long research and development of dual-polarization technology earned him this honor for his outstanding contributions to the advancement of polarimetric Doppler weather radar. [...]
26 January 2012
The 2012 Jule G. Charney Award Winner Strives to Simulate Complex Clouds, Rid Models of Errors
Chris Bretherton, professor in the University of Washington Departments of Atmospheric Science and Applied Mathematics, is the recipient of the 2012 Jule G. Charney Award. He received this distinction for fundamental contributions to our understanding of atmospheric moist convection, particularly the discovery of mechanisms governing the transition from stratocumulus to shallow cumulus convection. In a [...]
26 January 2012
Is Meteorology Turning Into Computer Science?
by A.J. Jain, from his blog Fresh AJ I was able to attend the student conference career fair on Saturday, the energy committee meeting for students on Sunday, and the climate, energy, and new economy talks on Monday. I was able to network with a lot of wonderful meteorology students, young professionals, senior level executives, [...]
25 January 2012
Driving Home the Point about Listening
Crescent City Pedicabbie, the taxi-blogger service here in New Orleans, writes: The American Meteorological Society is holding their annual conventionin New Orleans this week. Late this afternoon I picked up a convention-goer, and as he settled into the seat, he asked me: “Is it going to rain this evening?” I started to give him my best [...]