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News, interviews, commentary, updates, photos, and movies from the AMS Annual Meeting are published online every day by the staff of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS) in their weblog, The Front Page (http://blog.ametsoc.org). Visitors to the blog can read reports; share their own thoughts, experiences, and photos from the meeting; and catch up on the news of the week from the Annual Meeting.

In addition to The Front Page, follow all the Annual Meeting happenings on Facebook and Twitter. To stay up to date, be sure to "like" AMS on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ametsoc) and follow AMS on Twitter (www.twitter.com/ametsoc). The Twitter hashtag for the Annual Meeting is #AMS2012.

The Front Page gives the monthly BAMS a daily presence on the Web, integrating the AMS and its science with current events and topics. Like BAMS, The Front Page features previews and recaps of meetings, presentations, and articles. It is a forum for discussion about AMS, the profession, and the Society’s members’ role in the world-wide community. The Front Page extends the reach of attendees and exhibitors beyond the conference center walls to fellow members back home and to the general public, while furthering the Society’s progress in making meetings more “green.”