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List of WeatherFest Exhibitors

List of Exhibitors
WeatherFest As of Friday, 12 August 2022

AERA -- William Huskin

Booth Number(S): W1501


Booth Number(S): 928, W1000

American Red Cross of Central Texas

American Red Cross of Central Texas
Volunteer Services Specialist
2218 Pershing Dr.

Contact: Kevin Fincher
E-mail: kevin.fincher@redcross.org
URL: http://www.redcross.org/austin
Booth Number(S): W1102
The American Red Cross of Central Texas has been serving the community since 1916. Everyday our volunteers provide hope and comfort to our neighbors in crisis. The American Red Cross belongs to the American people, and our strength depends on the support we receive from you. We invite you to join us. We need your time, talent and treasure to perform our very important work.

AMS Committee for Environmental Stewardship

Booth Number(S): W1002

Austin Energy

URL: http://www.austinenergy.com
Booth Number(S): W1101

Austin Fire Department

URL: http://www.austintexas.gov/department/fire
Booth Number(S): W1515

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation

Education and Public Outreach Coordinator
1600 Commerce St.

Contact: Denise Henry
E-mail: dahenry@ball.com
URL: http://www.ballaerospace.com
Booth Number(S): 515, W1408
Ball Aerospace designed and built our country’s foremost weather satellite, Suomi NPP (National Polar-orbiting Partnership). This spacecraft collects data for both weather forecasting and climate monitoring. Come and learn about weather satellites and how they’re built. Pick up a paper model kit for making your own Suomi NPP.

Bishop DuBourg High School

Booth Number(S): W1503

Catskill Regional Teacher Center

Booth Number(S): W1409


National Coordinator
1371 Campus Delivery

Contact: Henry Reges
E-mail: hreges@atmos.colostate.edu
URL: http://www.cocorahs.org
Booth Number(S): W1401, W1403

The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS), Founded in 1998, provides a great platform for communities around the country to participate in "hands-on" science right in their own backyards through the daily observation of precipitation. Volunteers of all ages measure rain, hail and snow using simple low-cost rain gauges and hail pads. These observations are then collected and made available on the CoCoRaHS Web site: www.cocorahs.org. These data are used daily by many federal, state and community organizations and businesses. Through consistent observation and data sharing, participants actively learn about their climate, their water resources and the impacts precipitation has on their lives and their communities.

The CoCoRaHS Network currently engages over 16,000 volunteer observers in communities across all fifty states with over 1,000 volunteers in the state of Texas. If you would like to report how much rain has fallen in your back yard, we would love to have you as a volunteer observer. To sign-up for CoCoRaHS visit: www.cocorahs.org and click on "Join CoCoRaHS". It's lots of fun and only takes five minutes a day.

Davis Instruments Corporation

Davis Instruments
Marketing Director
3465 Diablo Avenue

Contact: Susan Foxall
E-mail: susanf@davisnet.com
URL: http://www.davisnet.com
Booth Number(S): 320, W1103
Davis Instruments is a privately-owned manufacturer of high-quality weather, automotive and marine products. Manufacturing is handled on site at Davis’ Hayward, CA, facility, including research and engineering, production and distribution. The company recently announced that its WeatherLink® network had surpassed 10,000 users worldwide. This community of weather professionals and enthusiasts upload, view and share weather data from their Davis weather stations at www.weatherlink.com and other sites, including NOAA and WeatherUnderground. Visit www.weatherlink.com to view data from many different stations located around the world. Davis is a recognized leader in providing affordable, precision weather instruments to meet the needs of the consumer and commercial marketplaces. Used by meteorologists, Davis’ Vantage Pro2™ and Vantage Vue® Weather Stations have become trusted, integral tools to many industry professionals thanks to their renowned accuracy and durability. To learn more, please visit Booth 320 or visit www.davisnet.com.

Dwight Morrow High School

Deep Earth Academy
Teacher & School Program Specialist
1201 New York Ave, NW, 4th Floor

Contact: Jennifer Collins
E-mail: jcollins@oceanleadership.org
URL: http://www.oceanleadership.org/education/deep-earth-academy/
Booth Number(S): W1502
Deep Earth Academy is the education program of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership. Our mission is to facilitate and develop programs and materials based on scientific research expeditions to strengthen students' mathematics, science and analytical skills. Our vision is "Teaching for Science, Learning for Life™" - using scientific ocean drilling to provide a multidisciplinary approach to Earth and ocean science education.We work to equip educators to teach about the Earth using all disciplines – from chemistry, physics, biology and math to engineering and technology to reading and writing. We strive to help students become better decision makers, problem solvers, science-literate citizens and stewards of our planet. At this booth, visitors will see a replica of a deep ocean core, explore the process of coring in an especially delicious way, and investigate some of the discoveries scientists make when delving into the deep ocean.

Environmental Science Institute, UT- Austin

UT Austin Environmental Science Institute
Outreach Coordinator
1 University Station, Mail Code C9000

Contact: Geoff Hensgen
E-mail: ghensgen@esi.utexas.edu
URL: http://www.esi.utexas.edu
Booth Number(S): W1001
Founded in 2000, ESI’s mission is to advance the understanding of the environment and its sustainability through the development of interdisciplinary research, education, and outreach programs. Presented by the UT Environmental Science Institute (ESI), the Hot Science—Cool Talks Outreach Series grew out of an innovative collaboration among ESI, the UT College of Natural Science, and Jackson School of Geosciences as a means for leading researchers to share their scientific discoveries with general public, K-12 science educators, and their students. Now in its 12th year, the Series hosts six free public lectures each year, reaching an annual average of over 3,000 live audience members. Lectures take place on the UT campus and are preceded by a science fair focused on the topic of the evening's presentation. K-12 educators participate in professional development workshops prior to each lecture and receive a CD-ROM including the PowerPoint presentation used by the speaker, detailed notes for each slide, and additional resources that enable them to give their own lesson on the lecture’s topic. For those who cannot attend in person, ESI streams lectures live online, and interested audience members can host viewing events at their schools, universities, or homes. In support of each viewing event, ESI provides hosts with a list of recommended learning activities to conduct before the lecture, real-time Q&A via live webcast, and promotional materials.

FEMA, Region VI

URL: http://www.fema.gov
Booth Number(S): W1108

Heliophysics NASA

URL: http://science.nasa.gov/heliophysics/
Booth Number(S): W1410
Storms on our sun can impact life and society on Earth. Visit the NASA / NOAA Space Weather booth to learn how these storms can cause power outages, disrupt communications and navigation systems, damage sensitive electronics on satellites flying in space, and be haramful to astronauts. Solar storms also cause the aurora, the beautiful dancing lights observed in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

How the Weatherworks / The Learningworks Foundation, Inc.

URL: http://www.weatherworks.com
Booth Number(S): W1300

Institute for Earth Observations

URL: http://www.palmyracove.org
Booth Number(S): W1508

K-EYE-TV/ Telemundo

URL: http://weareaustin.com
Booth Number(S): W1210


News Director
119 East 10th Street

Contact: Pam Vaught
E-mail: pam.vaught@foxtv.com
URL: http://www.myfoxaustin.com
Booth Number(S): W1011


URL: http://www.kxan.com
Booth Number(S): W1402

Ladue School District

URL: http://www.ladue.k12.mn.us/lms/
Booth Number(S): W1624

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Booth Number(S): 301, W1010


Booth Number(S): 409, W1311

NASA Langley Research Center

E-mail: scool@lists.nasa.gov
URL: http://scool.larc.nasa.gov
Booth Number(S): W1309
The Student's Cloud Observations On-Line (S’COOL) project provides a way for students and the public to engage with NASA’s Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System (CERES) Earth-observing satellite project. Interested people are invited to make ground truth observations of clouds and sky conditions at the time that the CERES instrument is passing over their location. The S’COOL team then matches the observation to the satellite data to return an email to the observer for comparison and classification as well as to analyze for data validation. Participation is free, and instructional resources are available on the website.

NOAA Center for Atmospheric Science (NCAS)

URL: http://ncas.howard.edu
Booth Number(S): CF, W1600

NOAA/NWS Austin-San Antonio

National Weather Service
Warning Coordination Meteorologist
2090 Airport Road

Contact: Paul Yura
E-mail: paul.yura@noaa.gov
URL: http://www.weather.gov/austin
Booth Number(S): W1411
The National Weather Service Austin-San Antonio Forecast office provides weather forecast and warning services for the Austin and San Antonio metro areas and 33 counties in South Central Texas. We are located in New Braunfels, and additionally provide support to local emergency management, law enforcement, fire departments, and EMS. We also provide weather education and safety presentations to K-12 students, professional associations, and civic groups. For more information, please contact Paul Yura at 830-629-0130 or paul.yura@noaa.gov

Northrop Grumman Corporation

URL: http://www.northropgrumman.com
Booth Number(S): 309, W1100

Okemos High School/Okemos Public Schools

URL: http://www.okemosschools.net
Booth Number(S): W1507

Ponce de Leon Middle School

URL: http://www.ponce.dadeschools.net
Booth Number(S): W1500

Quest Early College High School/Humble ISD

Quest High School
Science teacher

Contact: Bhavna Rawal
E-mail: bhavna.rawal@humble.k12.tx.us
URL: http://www.humbleisd.net/qhs
Booth Number(S): W1400
In this session students will be given the opportunity to explore soil testing, water quality testing, weather data collection. Students will select station and work on particular activity and rotate. They will actively collecting data, analyzing findings, and participating in inquiry-based learning modules.

Raytheon Company

Booth Number(S): 607, W1211

South Central Texas Chapter of AMS & NWA

URL: http://www.sctxamsnwa.net/
Booth Number(S): W1201

Southwest PA AMS Local Chapter

Contact: Elizabeth Smith
E-mail: smi6142@calu.edu
URL: http://hera.calu.edu/clubs/weather/index.php/stormfest/
Booth Number(S): W1004
The Southwest PA Chapter of the AMS is happy to present a preview of their own event StormFest as this year's Weatherfest! Stop by to try some of our own hands-on activities and learn about meteorology. Take home your own windsock and weather map!


Booth Number(S): W1505

Taylor & Francis

URL: http://www.tandfonline.com
Booth Number(S): W1003
Taylor & Francis is a leading academic publisher of scholarly materials including the magazine Weatherwise.

Texas School Safety Center

Texas School Safety Center
Research Specialist
415 N. Guadalupe

Contact: Joseph McKenna
E-mail: jmm272@txstate.edu
URL: http://www.txssc.txstate.edu
Booth Number(S): W1110
The Texas School Safety Center is a University Research Center, located at Texas State University-San Marcos, with a mission to serve schools and communities to create safe, secure, and healthy environments. The Center offers multiple youth-based programs developed by youth with assistance from Center staff and adult sponsors. These programs have the goal of providing youth the skills to become leaders and advocates for safe and healthy communities. One such program, a Youth Preparedness Camp, brings youth from across Texas to offer skills to engage their communities in emergency preparedness. The Center also offers Tobacco-Free Summits that teach youth to actively engage in their school or community through action plans. The Center provides educational information concerning emergency management planning, training, and drilling with regard to multiple hazards, including weather-related hazards. The Center developed standards to address hazards across all four phases of emergency management.—Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.

Texas State University - Geography

URL: http://www.geo.txstate.edu
Booth Number(S): W1109

Texas Weather Modification Association

URL: http://www.texasweathermodification.com
Booth Number(S): W1009

The Austin Zoo and Animal Sancuary

URL: http://www.austinzoo.org
Booth Number(S): W1511
The Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary is a rescue Zoo. Our residents have been rescued from unfortunate circumstances or surrendered to us by owners who can no longer take care of them properly or do not want them. Our residents range from former circus animals, monkeys who have spent their entire lives in laboratory research centers, to exotic birds and animals kept inappropriately as pets. We provide a safe and secure home for our animals so that they may live the rest of their lives in peace and comfort.

The COMET Program (UCAR)

COMET (A Part of UCAR)
P.O. Box 3000
E-mail: info@comet.ucar.edu
URL: http://www.meted.ucar.edu
Booth Number(S): 521, W1308

The GLOBE Program

Booth Number(S): W1303

The Weather Channel/The Weather Company

The Weather Company
Marketing Manager

Contact: Allison Tencza
E-mail: atencza@weather.com
Booth Number(S): W1208, W1210
The Weather Channel and Wunderground are cohosting a booth at WeatherFest. Come visit us to try out our green-screen and learn more about Personal Weather Stations.

The Weather Museum at Weather Research Center

URL: http://www.weathermuseum.org
Booth Number(S): W1006
The nation's first Weather Museum openned in April 2006 in the Houston Museum District. The Weather Museum is a project of Weather Research Center and is named after Dr. John C. Freeman. The Museum is dedicated to making the community weatherwise and inspiring the next generation of scientist and engineers.

UCAR Center for Science Education

URL: http://www.spark.ucar.edu
Booth Number(S): W1310

University of Oklahoma

Contact: Kevin Kloesel
E-mail: longhorn@ou.edu
URL: http://nwcnorman.org
Booth Number(S): 627, CF, W1302
The College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences at the University of Oklahoma administers, guides, and directs an academic enterprise in geography, environmental sustainability and meteorology so as to become the international leader in weather- and climate-related education and training, environmental and sustainability studies, research and development, and extension and outreach. The College is housed in the National Weather Center in Norman, OK. The National Weather Center houses a unique confederation of University of Oklahoma, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and state organizations that work together in partnership to improve understanding of events occurring in Earth’s atmosphere over a wide range of time and space scales.

University of Texas, Dept of Geography & Envir.

URL: http://www.texas.edu/cola/depts/geography
Booth Number(S): W1208

University of Wisconsin-Madison,Space Sci. & Engineering Cr

Data Interpretation and Education Specialist
1225 W. Dayton Street

Contact: Patrick Rowley
E-mail: patrick.rowley@ssec.wisc.edu
URL: http://cimss.ssec.wisc.edu/education/
Booth Number(S): 822, W1203
Stop by to interact with weather and climate on computers. Build a snowflake, steer a hurricane, create a planet, and even determine how destructive tornadoes can be while learning key facts about each phenomena. The first few hundred visitors will take away a CD containing interactive weather and climate applets created by educational experts who grew up loving weather! We will also have a 3D globe displaying satellite imagery of Earth.

Find out more at our website: http://cimss.ssec.wisc.edu/education/

Windom Area Schools

URL: http://www.windomschools.com
Booth Number(S): W1510