97th AMS Annual Meeting | 22–26 January 2017 | Seattle, WA

List of WeatherFest Exhibitors

Alaska Airlines Inc.
Booth Number(S): W419

American Meteorological Society
45 Beacon Street
Booth Number(S): 333, W300

Ball Aerospace
Booth Number(S): 513, W417

Bonneville Power Administration

Portland, OR 97232
Contact: Heidi Helwig
E-mail: hyhelwig@bpa.gov
Booth Number(S): W414

BPA (a component of the U.S. Department of Energy) is a nonprofit and self-funded federal power marketing administration in the Pacific Northwest.


Congress created BPA in 1937 to deliver and sell the power from Bonneville Dam.


BPA now markets wholesale electrical power from 31 federal hydroelectric dams in the Northwest, one nonfederal nuclear plant and several small nonfederal power plants.

BPA seeks to deliver power at the best value, while mitigating the impacts on the environment.

BPA prioritizes adequate, efficient and reliable power and is committed to cost-based rates.

BPA also provides educational resources to teachers and students in grades K through 12 

Our materials focus on hydropower, electricity, renewable energy, climate change, environment fish and wildlife and energy efficiency.

Through these programs, BPA assists regional schools in providing a high-quality education and preparing students for future employment.

We sponsor and participate in a variety of education programs for kids, including science fairs and competitions, classroom presentations, summer science camps, worksite visits, tours and career-based learning experiences. 

At BPA, we know the power of lending a hand. Our volunteer program provides hands-on support to community projects that support math and science education, energy conservation and environmental stewardship.

BPA employees engage with the communities in the region we serve to make a difference.


Civil Air Patrol, Washington Wing
Booth Number(S): W315

Coventry High School/Conventry Public Schools
Booth Number(S): W405

Earth Networks

Earth Networks
Senior VP - Global Sales
12410 Milestone Center Drive,
Germantown, MD 20876
Contact: Mark Hyer
E-mail: mhyer@earthnetworks.com
Booth Number(S): 527, W202

Earth Networks offers a web-based instructional program that enables K-12 schools to use live weather and environmental data to improve student achievement across science, technology, math and geography.

Spark creativity, collaboration and analytical thinking with a weather-infused STEM curriculum while adding protection against severe weather threats.

  • Boost student engagement and active learning in the classroom
  • Integrate on-site real-time weather observations into data driven lesson planning
  • Keep students, faculty and visitors safe and informed of dangerous weather events

ECOSS - Environmental Coalition of South Seattle
Seattle, WA 98108
Contact: Frances Kuo
E-mail: frances@ecoss.org
Booth Number(S): W208

ECOSS is a nonprofit organization that encourages urban redevelopment and a healthy environment by providing education, resources and technical assistance to diverse businesses and communities in the Puget Sound region.

Everyone can make a difference –ECOSS leads industry, small businesses, communities and government to practical and sustainable environmental solutions. We deliver strategies and results in stormwater compliance, pollution prevention, energy efficiency and recycling.

Our international staff speak more than a dozen languages and work with Asian, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander, African and Latino communities. More than two decades of experience and cultural depth make ECOSS a leader in multicultural environmental outreach and engagement.

Emergency Managers
Booth Number(S): W214

Girl Scouts of Western Washington

Booth Number(S): W113

Global Weather and Climate Center
Booth Number(S): W212

How the Weatherworks / The Learningworks Foundation, Inc.
Booth Number(S): W407

Howard University, NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences
Booth Number(S): W100
The NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences (NCAS) and the newly named Center for Atmospheric Sciences, Meteorology, Societal Impacts, and Environment (CAMSIE) will join other exhibitors in demonstrating a dynamic suite of hands-on experiments and activities that bring science to life.  These exciting demonstrations are led by enthusiastic undergraduate and graduate students, as well as science professionals. 

Integrated Systems Solutions, Inc.
Marketing Director
2191 Harithy Drive
Booth Number(S): 238, W209

King County Wastewater Treatment Division

Contact: Tom Watson
E-mail: tom.watson@kingcounty.gov
Booth Number(S): W206

King County protects water quality and public health in the central Puget Sound region by providing high quality and effective treatment to wastewater collected from our local sewer agencies.

The county's Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) serves about 1.7 million people within a 424-square-mile service area, which includes most urban areas of King County and parts of south Snohomish County and northeast Pierce County.

Ladue School District Middle School
Booth Number(S): W107

Little Bear Creek Weather
Booth Number(S): W303
Little Bear Creek Weather is a hyper local weather blog for the North King and South Snohomish areas of Washington. We are web based and focused on a unique approach to local weather updates, including real time storm coverage, daily forecasts, and more. 

Lockheed Martin
Booth Number(S): 505, W110, W112, W114

Medford Memorial Middle School
Booth Number(S): W400

Miami Dade Public Schools/ Hialeah Senior High School
Booth Number(S): W200

Exhibit Manager, Science Mission Directorate, NASA
300 E St. SW
Washington, DC 20546
Contact: Winnie Humberson
E-mail: winnie.h.humberson@nasa.gov
Booth Number(S): 205, W415

NASA Earth System Science conducts and sponsors research, collects new observations from space, develops technologies and extends science and technology education to learners of all ages. We work closely with our global partners in government, industry, and the public to enhance economic security, and environmental stewardship, benefiting society in many tangible ways. We conduct and sponsor research to answer fundamental science questions about the changes we see in climate, weather, and natural hazards, and deliver sound science that helps decision-makers make informed decisions.

NASA Langley Research Center
Booth Number(S): W412

National Weather Service, Seattle
Booth Number(S): W309

NOAA Pacific Marine Env Lab
Seattle, WA 98115
Contact: Adi Hanein
Booth Number(S): W413

NOAA Satellites and Information Service

Silver Spring, MD 20910
Contact: Nina Jackson
E-mail: Nina.Jackson@noaa.gov
Booth Number(S): W411

NOAA’s National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) provides secure and timely access to global environmental data and information from satellites and other sources to promote and protect the Nation's security, environment, economy, and quality of life. Come visit our booth, spin the Wheel of Science, and take home a prize and some free educational resources.


Norman, OK 73072
Contact: Lans Rothfusz
E-mail: lans.rothfusz@noaa.gov
Booth Number(S): W408

NOAA/NSSL HotSeat Warning Simulator

HotSeat is a web-based warning simulation tool designed for use by weather geeks of all ages.  It uses archived WSR-88D data from actual events along with severe weather reports and damage survey photographs in a displaced real-time (DRT) mode to approximate the feel of issuing severe weather warnings in the National Weather Service.  While running the scenario, the participant receives or loses points to indicate his/her success in the simulation.

North Carolina Public Schools -- Retired
Booth Number(S): W301

Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing System
Booth Number(S): W213

Northwest Avalanche Center
Seattle, WA 98115
Contact: Garth Ferber
E-mail: garth.ferber@nwac.us
Booth Number(S): W115

Office of the Washington State Climatologist/UW
Seattle, WA 
Contact: Karin Bumbaco
E-mail: climate@atmos.washington.edu
Booth Number(S): W302

Okemos High School
Booth Number(S): W402

Pacific Science Center

Booth Number(S): W317

Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
Booth Number(S): W312

Puget Sound Energy
Booth Number(S): W215

Business Development
16800 East CentreTech Parkway
Booth Number(S): 605, W103, W101

Raytheon Company, with 2015 sales of $23 billion and 61,000 employees, is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cybersecurity solutions. With a history of innovation spanning 94 years, Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration, C5ITM products and services, sensing, effects, and mission support for customers in more than 80 countries. Raytheon is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts. Follow us on Twitter @Raytheon.

Salish Sea Expeditions
Bainbridge island, WA 98110
Contact: Seth Muir
E-mail: seth@salish.org
Booth Number(S): W201

Salish Sea Expeditions' mission is inspiring youth to connect with the marine environment through boat-based scientific inquiry and hands-on learning, instilling curiosity, confidence, and critical thinking. Our vision is that all citizens experience the wonders of the marine environment and are equipped with the knowledge and investigative skills to address the greatest challenges that face humanity.

Salish Sea Expeditions is a unique non-profit organization with a 20 year history that actively engages middle and high school students in meaningful, boat-based marine learning experiences on Puget Sound. Working as members of teams in classrooms and aboard ship, students conduct authentic marine research projects. They deploy oceanographic equipment, gather and analyze data, plot a course for data collection stations, and learn basic piloting and navigation skills. Following their expedition they present their research at a professional Symposium at the University of Washington.

Seattle Aquarium
Booth Number(S): W416

Seattle Astronomical Society
Seattle, WA 
Contact: David Ingram
E-mail: ingramdw@hotmail.com
Booth Number(S): W106

Booth Number(S): W109

Tacoma Public Schools/ Jason Lee Middle School
Booth Number(S): W307

Taylor & Francis Group
Booth Number(S): W203

The Aerospace Corporation
Booth Number(S): W102

The Aerospace Corporation operates a federally funded research and development center (FFRDC). In this role, we provide engineering and acquisition management support as well as objective technical analyses and assessments to the Air Force, other Department of Defense organizations, and select civilian agencies such as NASA and NOAA. In addition to maintaining and leveraging expertise in the terrestrial environmental domain, Aerospace has developed a comprehensive array of capabilities that address virtually all technical challenges facing space systems. Each capability fills a specific need in support of our customers.

U.S. Geological Survey
Booth Number(S): W314

University of Washington Dept of Atmos Sci, OLYMPEX
Booth Number(S): W306

University of Washington, Mountain Hydrology Research Group
Booth Number(S): W308

UW Atmos Sciences Outreach & UW AMS Student Chapt

Booth Number(S): W207

Washington Department of Natural Resources
Booth Number(S): W313

Weather Ready Nation
Booth Number(S): W406


Seattle, WA 
Contact: Charlie Phillips
E-mail: charlie@weathertogether.us
Booth Number(S): W403

Nobody knows the weather of a region better than those who live there. Unfortunately, there currently is not a centralized, easily accessible network for weather enthusiasts to share their knowledge and love of the skies with the communities they live in. WeatherTogether seeks to fill this glaring hole in weather communication, outreach, and collaboration.

WeatherTogether is a diverse and interconnected network of local weather blogs created by users who aspire to provide their communities with a variety of weather and science content. By sourcing weather information and forecasts from local meteorologists and weather enthusiasts, viewers get detailed discussions about their local weather in a manner that is not available in a brief newscast or automated computer forecast.

We look forward to meeting with you Sunday! In the meantime, register at weathertogether.us and make a weather website today!