2018 AMS Student Conference Interactive Session

If you register for the 2018 AMS Student Conference before December 20, you are invited to take part in one of the exciting and useful interactive sessions we have planned on the afternoon of Sunday, January 7. They will include:


·         Integrated Warning Team Part II: In Their Rainboots Workshop

·         Resume Workshop Part II: Resume and CV Review

·         Broadcast Tape Swap (For tape submission, sign up by December 20)

·         Writing Workshop (For writing submission, sign up by December 20)


Click on the name of the session to view more information on the sessions. More detailed session descriptions will be found in the interactive session sign up (available after you register for the student conference). If you plan on registering for the Integrated Warning Team Part II or Resume Workshop Part II interactive sessions on Sunday afternoon, we encourage you to attend Part I of that session on Saturday afternoon from 4-5pm.


You mean, I can only choose one?

The way things fell this year, all of our interactive sessions do need to run concurrently, but we figured more options were better than none! Attendance for Sunday's entire 1 hour and 45 minute Resume Workshop Part II will not be necessary. Rather, students will have an opportunity to sign up for individual time slots until all slots are taken. So there is a very good chance you can still attend both the Resume Workshop and one other workshop. However, it would be pretty difficult to attend two of any of the other options.


What if I want to submit a tape for the Broadcast Tape Swap?

If you would like to submit a tape for review, please sign up here or e-mail C. Todd Rhodes (ctrhodes@coastal.edu)  and Nick Grondin (ngrond1@lsu.edu)  by December 20!


What if I want to submit a Writing Sample for the Writing Workshop?

Make sure you submit the interactive session sign up form by December 20! If you choose not to submit a writing sample at the time of submission and you still want your work to be critiqued, you must email it in Microsoft Word format (no PDFs) to Zoey Rosen (zoey.rosen@colostate.edu) and H. Michael Mogil (writing@weatherworks.com) by the December 20 deadline.


Finally, follow us on Twitter @AMSStudentConf and/or join our AMS Student Conference Facebook group. This is an excellent way to get updates about the conference and keep in touch with speakers and other students attending the conference. Be on the lookout for other useful Student Conference emails as the conference gets closer!


If you have any questions that were not covered above, feel free to contact the co-chairs. We look forward to seeing you in a few short weeks!



Stacey Hitchcock (Stacey.Hitchcock@colostate.edu)

Aryeh Drager (Aryeh.Drager@colostate.edu)

Erik Nielsen (Erik.Nielsen@colostate.edu)

Co-Chairs, 2018 AMS Student Conference




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