Session Topic Proposal Guidelines


The program committee for the 99th Annual Meeting would like your input when setting the scientific and technical program. Proposals are due 1 April.

submit session topic proposal

Click the red button above to begin your proposal.

Choose a conference that would best fit your topic. If you cannot identify a conference for your topic, you may choose “No Specific Conference”.

Click on the red button “Begin a Topic Proposal” next to the conference of your choice.

Enter Topic Details

Enter Proposed Topic Title

  • Please be as concise as possible.
  • Use title case, capitalizing only the first letter in each word.
  • Do not exceed 200 characters.

Enter Proposed Topic Description

  • Descriptions will be evaluated during the review process.
  • Do not exceed 500 words.
  • Program chairs may ask that session topic proposal submitters revise their description before accepting the proposal.
  • Final descriptions for accepted topic proposals will be visible by submitters during the abstract submission process.

Enter Comments

  • Comments will be visible during the review process but not during the abstract submission process.
  • Use this field to enter keywords, as well as information about possible invited speakers and other conferences with which to join.

Enter Submitter Information

  • Use the search field to find the submitter in the AMS system by last name.
  • Choose the correct record or choose “Not found – enter a new name”.
  • It is important to choose the record with the best email address for AMS to contact the submitter.
  • Please note that session topic proposal submitters may be asked to act as session chair of sessions organized in the topic.  Co-chairs will be added during the program development process in September.


  • Please proof all information to ensure that it is correct.
  • You may print this page for your records (please note that Submitters will receive a confirmation email as well).
  • Click “Submit” to conclude your Session Topic Proposal Submission.

Modifying a Session Topic Proposal

  • You may view and/or modify your session topic proposal until 11:59pm EST on 1 April.
  • A link will be included in the submitter’s confirmation email for viewing/modifying the proposal.

Session Topic Proposal Acceptance

  • Program Chairs for the chosen conference, as well as the overall Program Chairs for the 99th Annual meeting will review all Session Topic Proposals.
  • All session topic proposal submitters will be notified of their proposals acceptance or rejection by 1 May.
  • The accepted session topics, along with any additional session topics listed in each conference’s Call for Papers, will then serve as the list of topics to which presenters can submit their abstracts.  The online Abstract Submission portal will open on in mid-May and will close on 1 August 2018.