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Third Conference on Environment and Health

Conference Program
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The Third Conference on Environment and Health, sponsored by the American Meteorological Society, and organized in part by the AMS Policy Program, will be held 22–26 January 2012, as part of the 92nd AMS Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Building on the theme for the 92nd Annual Meeting--Technology in Research and Operations--papers for this conference are solicited on the tools that help us integrate hydro-meteorology, public health, and agricultural information. GIS, SERVIR, and other tools allow us to merge information for many users, including public health practitioners, researchers, and policy makers. Share with us how hydro-meteorological and geographical tools and models are improving research and enhancing operations. Papers that discuss emerging technologies (such as artificial intelligence, and neural networks), and other tools to help make the next information leap in this field are also encouraged.

While the angle for this discussion is technology, your actual topic can be on anything that concerns environment, public health, and agriculture. For example, vector borne diseases, water borne diseases, agricultural practices, food/water quality, extreme temperatures, precipitation patterns etc. If you have any questions, please ask the program chairs (see below for contact information). We look forward to reviewing your submission.

 For additional information please contact the program chairperson(s), Wendy Marie Thomas (e-mail: wthomas@ametsoc.org, tel: 202-737-9006 ext. 427); Glenn McGregor (e-mail: g.mcgregor@auckland.ac.nz, tel: 64 9 3737599 ext 85280); Viviane Silva (e-mail: Viviane.Silva@noaa.gov; tel: 301-713-1970 x 132); Sue M. Estes (e-mail: sue.m.estes@nasa.gov, tel: 256-961-7961); or Carolyn Sotka (e-mail: carolyn.sotka@noaa.gov; tel: 843-762-8944 x 8944.) (2/11; r6/11; r7/11)