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Daily Weather Briefings

Monday–Thursday, 23–26 January, 7:30–8:00 A.M. and 12:45–1:15 P.M.; Room 356

Baron Services will present twice-daily weather briefings at the 2012 AMS Annual Meeting. Although these 30-minute presentations will focus on the weather in the New Orleans area, a summary of major national weather features and forecast issues will be provided. The morning weather briefing will review the past day’s significant weather events in the United States and around the world, discuss major weather events coming in the next few days, and provide a short-range forecast for the New Orleans area. The lunchtime weather briefing will discuss forecasted weather events for the following 1–7 days throughout North America, including possible impacts on aviation. This year the briefings will also include a Space Weather Briefing by a representative of the NOAA Space Environment Center.