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Theme Joint Sessions

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The AMS Annual Meetings have provided a showcase for the advances in technology ever since the technology revolution began 60+ years ago. 

Advances in observations, both in situ and remotely-sensed; high-capacity computing, modeling, and simulation; information visualization; and the whole spectrum of technology development are providing ever more sophisticated tools. The end result is the delivery of increasingly accurate and timely operational decision support products and services and powerful tools for climate research, all with major benefits to the Nations economy security, environmental vitality, and society.  This year, almost twenty theme joint sessions are scheduled, allowing such diverse conferences as the 10th Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications to Environmental Science and Third Symposium on Environment and Health to come together and address common scientific problems and interests.  These theme joint sessions will focus on such wide ranging topics as:  tools, technologies, and methods to address weather and climate impacts on health; transportation and technology; technology advances for the water information customer; and innovative methods of processing, integrating and analyzing observations from satellites.  The formats of these theme joint sessions will vary and include panel discussions, invited papers, and submitted papers.