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Extreme Weather and Climate Change (joint with Climate Change & Variability; joint with Education).

Conference Program
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This joint session will explore the scientific premise for attributing hazardous events to climate change; what changes in the intensity, frequency and distribution of hazard events look like in the face of climate change; and challenges faced by educators, communicators and policy advocates surrounding this weather-climate intersection.  Based on feedback to date, we’re hoping that this session will be joint between POLICY/EDUC/CCV.
We are thinking of starting such a session with two talks: (1) A well-known name in climate science who discusses the link between significant weather events and climate change, specifically anticipated changes in extremes and the most scientifically rigorous way to discuss individual hazard events in the context of climate change, and (2) A prominent scholar in climate education who provides an overview of the goals, methods and challenges of climate literacy work, contextualizing the weather-climate connection and efforts to help the public understand difficult statistical, scale and scientific concepts.  Both of these speakers would be invited. This would be followed either directly or after a lunch break by a 60-minute moderated, interactive panel session that would include invited speakers focusing on climate change communication, policy and/or political science, economics, and potentially the speakers from the first hour (or other speakers who could address similar topics).

Host Conference:
7th Symposium on Policy and Socio-Economic Research

Partnering Conference(s):
24th Conference on Climate Variability and Change
21st Symposium on Education
Conference on Hydrology