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Information Processing using Machine Intelligence

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The quantity of data flowing to decision makers continues to increase, with new sensors being deployed, model ensembles becoming common and resolutions of instruments increasing. Traditional methods of visualizing information often do not scale to these data rates, and it often becomes necessary to automatically extract useful information from the data streams to draw the users’ attention. Papers in this session will be focused on applications of artificial intelligence techniques such as machine learning, expert systems, decision trees, neural networks, etc. to process data automatically.  Other applications of machine intelligence techniques include data mining and exploratory data analysis.

Topics of interest include the current status and plans for ground-based algorithms for satellite data, prediction algorithms for aviation weather products and personalized (“point” and “path”) weather forecasts to the general public.

Host Conference:  
10th Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications to Environmental Science

Partnering Conference(s):
28th Conf on IIPS