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Recent advances in Data Management Technologies and Data Services

Conference Program
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Data has become the lifeblood of science. Rapid advances in computing, communications, observational, and networking technologies are revolutionizing nearly every aspect of the scientific enterprise.  As a result of these technological advances, coupled with a dramatic proliferation of data that are available from and consumed by diverse sources, there is an urgent and critical need for addressing issues pertaining to all aspects of data management, including policies, procedures, and standards.

This joint session will explore recent advances in both data management technologies and the new generation of data services that are being enabled as a result of those technological advances. We envision presentations on end-to-end management of data flows from observations to archives, as well as access, analysis, visualization, integrity, provenance, stewardship, and citation of those data.

Host Conference:
28th Conf on IIPS

Partnering Conference(s):
Second Conference on Transition of Research to Operations:  Successes, Plans, and Challenges
Symp. on Advances in Modeling and Analysis Using Python