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Technology Advances for the Water Information Customer

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We are seeking papers for this session which focus on current and proposed technology breakthroughs to improve situational awareness and dissemination of hydrometeorological information to a mobile society.
Situational awareness is driven by improvements to data ingest, modeling and forecasts for emergency management and water resource decision makers.  Special emphasis will be given to technology breakthroughs on dissemination media using wireless applications (apps) to provide hydrological information to mobile devices (e.g., laptops, netbooks, smartphones, cell phones, tablets).  Topics of interest include the current status and plans for observation technologies and approaches to provide water information to a mobile customer base.  Examples of such information include flood monitoring or predictions, ground observations and remotely sensed imagery, flood inundation mapping, and warning products.  Also of interest are mechanisms to integrate customer needs, as well as science and technology advances across Federal and state agencies, universities, and the private sector. 

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28th Conference on IIPS