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Tools, Technologies, and Methods to address Weather and Climate Impacts on Health

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The environment is known to influence population health via exposure to multiple interacting variables.  Understanding these interactions within hierarchical spatial and temporal domains (e.g., climate and weather scales) is important, as it fosters the development of better public health surveillance, preparedness, and response protocols.  Moreover, since many climate-sensitive (in particular) exhibit complex etiologies, there is an urgent need for novel methodologies to analyze the relationships between complex environmental conditions and disease outcomes.  We are seeking papers that focus on novel methodologies that quantify the linkages between atmospheric conditions and health outcomes.  Topics may include advanced data mining techniques, mixed methods analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques such as neural networks, spatial analyses, and applications of geospatial technology to advance healthcasting systems for emerging environment and health concerns.

Host Conference:
10th Conf on Artificial Intelligence Applications to Environmental Science

Partnering Conference(s):
Third Symposium on Environment and Health
Symp. on Advances in Modeling and Analysis Using Python