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Town Hall Meeting: Best Standards and Practices for Quality Data in the Renewable Energy Industry—What Can You Take “to the Bank”?

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Monday, 23 January 7:00–8:30 p.m.; Room 239

As the renewable energy complex grows globally, key atmospheric data have to continually be obtained, analyzed, and understood by financiers in order to assess weather variability and determine appropriate siting and funding for projects. These projects are typically built with the intention of delivering electricity to the grid over a 20–30-year period, during which time weather and climate vary substantially. The initial phase of funding generally calls for a resource assessment using reanalysis and other historical reference methodologies and placing on-site instrumentation (both in situ and remote sensing equipment) to collect data over a period of time to determine what a project might yield over its lifetime. The weather discussed during this prospecting and subsequent financing process is generally referred to as “bankable data.” Bankable data is currently more of a concept rather than a rigorously defined entity; however, it is generally accepted as having data deemed good enough to warrantee or finance a project.

This Town Hall Meeting will focus on four key areas: uncertainty analysis, remote sensing, in situ sensing, and historical modelling techniques.

The objectives of this Town Hall Meeting are (a) to provide the AMS community with a better understanding of what bankable data are; (b) to discuss a common language surrounding bankable data for financiers and scientists through uncertainty analysis; (c) to propose continued cooperation among scientists, engineers, and financiers to set best standards and practices, including information about the strengths, limitations, and uncertainties of various types of datasets; and (d) to open a discussion among the industry panelists and attendees on bankable data. This Town Hall Meeting is being held in conjunction with the AMS Energy Committee and the AMS Renewable Energy Subcommittees’ Third Conference on Weather, Climate, and the New Energy Economy.

Immediately following this Town Hall Meeting, joins us for an "Energizing" Happy Hour reception.  Kick off the night's activities with snacks and drinks.  Full details on the reception will be posted at the town hall meeting.

 For additional information, please contact Melinda Marquis (e-mail: melinda.marquis@noaa.gov; tel: 303-497-4487), Jerry Crescenti (e-mail: jerry.cresenti@iberdrolaren.com; tel: 503-796-6997), or Kevin Stenson (e-mail: kevin.stenson@meteogroup.com; tel: 224-595-6714).