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Town Hall Meeting: A La Nina Pilot for the Central United States for Winter 2011–12

Conference Program
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Wednesday, 25 Jan, 7:00–8:15 a.m.;Room 239

This Town Hall will discuss NOAA efforts to provide information on impacts of the predicted La Niña and interagency efforts to prepare for these events.  As of November 2011, another La Niña was in-progress, and decision makers in the central U.S. were working to prepare for the possibility of additional flooding and drought in the spring and the summer of 2012.  Might this winter see a repeat performance of last winter’s infamous snows, and the spring and summer of 2012 feature a continuation of drought conditions in the southern Great Plains and major flooding in the Missouri Basin?  How can we be better prepared for another set of high impact weather and climate extremes?

Beginning in November, 2011, NOAA’s La Nina Missouri Basin Pilot Project is providing regionally-focused Webinars aimed at federal, tribal, state and local governments, businesses, and the media.  These events allow producers and users of NOAA climate information an opportunity to talk directly with product producers to discuss their concerns and needs, including the short and long-term implications of forecasts and climate events. Panelists from NOAA, USACE, and local/state government will address:

-  Last winter's climate/weather/other impacts specific to the speaker's region or function

-  Climate/weather/hydrology products used/provided

-  Additional products or support desired/available

-  Their organization's role in, or hopes for, the La Nina Pilot

For additional information, please contact Ed O’Lenic (e-mail: Ed.Olenic@noaa.gov).