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Town Hall Meeting: International Hydrology and Water Resources

Conference Program
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Tuesday, 24 January 2012, 12:15–1:15 p.m.; Room 244


This Town Hall Meeting will discuss technology and scientific approaches and decision support capabilities developed to address water-related issues in the United States that may be applicable internationally. This Town Hall Meeting will address projects where U.S. capabilities have been applied to multinational rivers, flood and flash flood preparedness and prediction, and national and multinational water resource management systems.

Within each topic area hydrologists and water resource management specialists will describe a problem, identify and detail some solution(s), and provide a summary of lessons learned.

This Town Hall Meeting will encourage and promote participation from audience members, who are invited to share their experiences in water resource management.

To engender discussion and engage the audience, below are examples of questions the attendees will have the opportunity to address: Are there additional examples of international cooperation where U.S. technology has been applied? Are there additional opportunities where international needs may be helped through U.S. contributions? Are there other areas/mechanisms by which the U.S. can help the international community? Can we identify areas where the U.S. can help the international community in hydrology (location and problem identification)? Are there examples of where the United States has helped? What are some areas/ways in which the United States can help further? What are challenges for the international water community? How can U.S. experience help? What funding mechanisms are available to promote/support international hydrology and water resource applications?

For additional information, please contact Tom Fahey (e-mail: tfahy@capitolgr.com).