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Town Hall Meeting: NOAA’s Next 5-Year Research Plan

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Monday, 23 January; 7:00–8:00 P.M.; Room 238

With NOAA’s Next Generation Strategic Plan (NGSP) now complete, NOAA is beginning to develop its 5-Year Research Plan for the period 2013–17. In helping to craft the NGSP, NOAA scientists agreed on a set of overarching scientific challenges to guide the agency’s research and form the basis for the research plan. NOAA is now seeking input from the broader scientific community to help refine its research planning. During this session, the overarching scientific challenges articulated in the NGSP will be reviewed and efforts to identify associated needs and gaps will be described. Participants’ input will be sought so NOAA can produce a research plan that takes into account the perspectives and capabilities of the extramural oceanic and atmospheric science community.

For additional information, please contact Derek Parks (e-mail: derek.parks@noaa.gov).