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Town Hall Meeting: The US National Climate Assessment: Update on the 2013 Report and Establishing an Ongoing Process

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Wednesday, 26 January, 12:15-1:15 p.m.;Room 252/253

The National Climate Assessment (NCA), a synthesis of the work of the U.S .Global Change Research Program, analyzes current and future trends in global change, examines the impacts of global change on natural and human systems, and discusses societal responses (e.g., mitigation and adaptation). During the first portion of the session, scientific and program leaders from the NCA will present a short introduction to the NCA, review the science informing the NCA, outline the topics and process for creating the 2013 NCA report, provide an update on progress toward the 2013 report, and discuss the vision for a sustained assessment process. The second part of the session will allow participants to ask questions about the NCA process and products and provide input on both the 2013 report and implementation of an ongoing NCA process. Anyone with an interest in climate science and global change is welcome.

For additional information, please contact Emily Cloyd (e-mail: ecloyd@usgcrp.gov).