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Short Course Registration Information

AMS Short Course on Techniques to Automate the Processing of Spatial Grids

Sunday, 6 January 2013


  This course teaches attendees to devise and implement automated techniques to extract information from spatial grids such as radar, numerical model or satellite imagery or from any other data is that can be placed on a spatial grid. It provides students with a foundation in topics of digital image processing and data mining as applied to geospatial datasets.

      Using these techniques, lots of preparatory work for research that is done manually and in a labor-intensive way can be automated.  The techniques are also useful as labor-saving devices in operations and can be helpful in devising automated algorithms for forecaster guidance. Consequently, researchers and forecasters will both benefit from this course.

     The techniques discussed will be demonstrated on a geospatial dataset, and attendees are strongly encouraged to follow along. The required software (which is written in Java and can therefore be executed onWindows, Linux or Macs) can be downloaded from https://github.com/lakshmanok/asgbook. Because the AMS conference room may have only limited WiFi access, attendees who plan to try out the software should have downloaded and installed the software before they arrive for the course.

     If you run into problems installing the software, please feel free to contact the instructor via email. Because time during the short course is limited, the instructor will NOT be able to troubleshoot installation problems on the day of the course. Please plan ahead – download and install the software ahead of time!

     The slides that will be used to present the material will be placed online for downloading. Attendees are encouraged to download or purchase the following textbook that contains much more detail than can fit into any set of slides: V. Lakshmanan, Automating the Analysis of Spatial Grids: A Practical Guide to Data Mining Geospatial Images for Human and Environmental Applications. Springer, 2012. ISBN: 978-94-007-4074-7.

     The book may be purchased on Amazon.com or at springer.com. If you access http://www.springerlink.com/content/94-007-4075-4 from a computer that is on an University network, you will be able to order a print copy of the book for $25.

     If you are on a University network, you will also be able to download PDF files of the book’s chapters for free (use the same link as above). Note also that the free PDF copy is only available if you are on a university computer, so please download the book before you arrive for the AMS short course – the free PDF will NOT be available from the conference site.

     Shipping times for the Springer print copy are on the order of a few weeks. Regardless of whether you plan to download a free copy of the book or purchase a print copy, you will need to plan ahead.