Special Session on Weather, Climate, and Energy Featuring “Energy Visionary” T. Boone Pickens

The impact of weather and climate on energy is incredibly important and continues to grow, and with it increases the need for a strategic view on the direction of the global energy market. There is no better person to present this than T. Boone Pickens, an American business magnate and financier, and a Texas oil and gas billionaire. Pickens is an "energy visionary" who clearly sees the strategic importance of weather, water and climate information for this country to advance its energy independence  as one of the most important strategic issues facing this country today.  Pickens is also very passionate about the opportunities America must seize to lead global environmental stewardship and leverage our scientific and technological energy capabilities to sustain and enhance our national security and quality of life. 

Pickens will provide lively and interesting thoughts, perspectives and personal stories from his past, present and look ahead to the future that, undoubtedly, will be memorable!  From seasoned professionals to new students in our field, there will be something in it for everyone--you DON’T want to miss this opportunity to hear from him and ask questions!

Sunday, 6 January, 7:30–8:45 P.M.; Ballroom D