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Engagement and Impact through Themed Joint Sessions

We are expecting, with your participation and involvement, these themed joint sessions will serve as a catalyst for focusing the attention of the research and operational communities (and also those who are involved in accelerating the transition of research results into operations) on the exciting possibilities related to advancing predictive capabilities across many fields and applications.
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Application of AI to the Climate System

Research in climate variations, climate impacts, climate diagnostics or climate change that uses approaches such as neural networks, random forests, support vectors, k-nearest neighbor algorithm, naïve Bayes classifiers, decision trees, mixture models, or other AI techniques.

Host Conference(s)

11th Conference on Artificial and Computational Intelligence and its Applications to the Environmental Sciences (AI)
Contact(s): Amy McGovern amcgovern@ou.edu Michael Richman mrichman@ou.edu

Partnering Conference(s)

25th Conference on Climate Variability and Change
Contact(s): Hai Lin Hai.Lin@ec.gc.ca