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Engagement and Impact through Themed Joint Sessions

We are expecting, with your participation and involvement, these themed joint sessions will serve as a catalyst for focusing the attention of the research and operational communities (and also those who are involved in accelerating the transition of research results into operations) on the exciting possibilities related to advancing predictive capabilities across many fields and applications.
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Earth Observations for Public Health Models and Decisions

This panel will focus on a case study of satellite applications for health models and decisions. It will headline two keynote speakers, one each from the Observations and Health communities, along with distinguished papers. We are seeking talks that address current health applications, lend value in establishing requirements, highlight untapped data utilization, and discuss techniques (such as data mining) that can expand environment and health exploration and products. Our hoped for mutual outcome of this joint session is an exchange of information that builds awareness in both disciplines: for example, IOAS participants are informed on system applications for health decisions that support requirements, and Health participants are informed on the range of available data to increase its utility for health operations. Getting there, we need to have a real-time dialogue on what data and systems are used and available. This joint session is intended to open this critical dialogue.

Host Conference(s)

4th Environment and Health
Contact(s): Wendy Marie Thomas: wthomas@ametsoc.org

Partnering Conference(s)

17th Integrated Observing and Assimilation Systems for Atmosphere, Oceans, and Land Surface (IOAS-AOLS)
Contact(s): Robert Atlas: Robert.Atlas@noaa.gov