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Engagement and Impact through Themed Joint Sessions

We are expecting, with your participation and involvement, these themed joint sessions will serve as a catalyst for focusing the attention of the research and operational communities (and also those who are involved in accelerating the transition of research results into operations) on the exciting possibilities related to advancing predictive capabilities across many fields and applications.
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Historical Impacts on Predictions and the Decision-Making Process in Tropical Meteorology

While advances in observing, prediction, and communication systems shape present-day techniques in forecasts of tropical circulation and precipitation systems, impacts from significant events throughout history have influenced research and development of techniques and decision-making processes related to forecast systems. In this session, the expansion of observing, analysis, and forecast capabilities related to general tropical meteorology will be examined from the perspective of historical impacts on the science and on the governing agencies that have been responsible for operations and decision processes in support of public awareness and safety. The historical perspective will be examined in light of current processes and needs with respect to all tropical meteorology forecast systems, which includes forecasts related to tropical cyclones, monsoons, and convective precipitation systems.

Host Conference(s)

Special Symposium on the Next Level of Prediction in Tropical Meteorology: Techniques, Usage, Support, and Impacts
Contact(s): Patrick Harr, paharr@nps.edu

Partnering Conference(s)

11th History Symposium
Contact(s): Jean Phillips, jeanp@ssec.wisc.edu