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Engagement and Impact through Themed Joint Sessions

We are expecting, with your participation and involvement, these themed joint sessions will serve as a catalyst for focusing the attention of the research and operational communities (and also those who are involved in accelerating the transition of research results into operations) on the exciting possibilities related to advancing predictive capabilities across many fields and applications.
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Urban impacts on thunderstorms and weather extremes

We are seeking papers for this session that focus on urban impacts on thunderstorms and weather extremes, such as regional heat waves. The motivation for this session is recent developments of capabilities leading to improved nowcasting and forecasting for urban areas during these severe weather conditions. Emphasis will be given to recent developments in remote sensing systems for observations of thunderstorm structure over urban areas, advanced thermal stress indices that incorporate urban heat island (UHI) observations, and applications of urbanized meteorological models. Topics of interest include climatological and case-study analyses of observational data and modeling results in a changing climate, effects from urban precipitation on hydrologic cycles, and health impacts from regional heat wave interactions with nighttime and daytime UHIs.

Host Conference(s)

19th Conference on Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification
Contact(s): Bob Bornstein, pblmodel@hotmail.com

Partnering Conference(s)

AMS Board on the Urban Environment
Contact(s): Dev Niyogi, dniyogi@purdue.edu