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Engagement and Impact through Themed Joint Sessions

We are expecting, with your participation and involvement, these themed joint sessions will serve as a catalyst for focusing the attention of the research and operational communities (and also those who are involved in accelerating the transition of research results into operations) on the exciting possibilities related to advancing predictive capabilities across many fields and applications.
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Use of Total Lightning Data to Improve Short Term Prediction of Severe and High Impact Weather

Recent studies have shown that monitoring the trend of total lightning flash rate can improve tornado warning lead time by an average of 7 minutes over today’s 13 minute warning lead-time, primarily based on radar and ground observations. The improvements of the GOES-R Series will include a new capability for total lightning detection (cloud and cloud-to-ground flashes) from the Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM), and improved capabilities for the Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) to better discern cloud structures and properties indicative of impending severe weather. The GLM will map total lightning activity (in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lighting flashes) continuously day and night with near-uniform spatial resolution of 8 km with a latency of less than 20 seconds over the Americas and adjacent oceanic regions. Regional ground based systems deployed to detect total lightning include the New Mexico Tech Lightning Mapper Array (LMA), and commercial systems including the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network (ENTLN), and Vaisala TLS200. This session will focus on presentations showing how improved detection of total lighting flash rate will aid in the forecasting and warning of severe storms and tornado activity, and convective weather impacts on aviation safety and efficiency.

Host Conference(s)

9th Annual Symposium on Future Operational Environmental Satellite Systems
Contact(s): James Gurka, james.gurka@noaa.gov

Partnering Conference(s)

6th Conference on Meteorological Applications of Lightning Data
Contact(s): Timothy Lang, tlang@atmos.colostate.edu