2013 AMS Annual Meeting


Town Hall Meeting: “Keeping the Lights On: Is the Current State of Weather Communications and Forecasts Powerful Enough?”

The nation’s electric grid, which is comprised of electricity generation, transmission and distribution, is one of the more stable in the world, however, it is not without its’ challenges.  One of the largest challenges for the nation’s grid is weather variability and predictability.  The questions this Town Hall Meeting will address are broadly: 1) What is the current state of weather data and forecasts 2) How are they being integrated across the system and 3) What is expected to be provided by the meteorological community, including research, government agencies, private commercial weather services and in-house meteorologists over the next decade.  Some of the topics that will be discussed are:

This Town Hall Meeting is held in conjunction with the AMS Energy Committee and the AMS Renewable Energy Sub-committees’ Fourth Conference on Weather, Climate and the New Energy Economy.


Immediately following this Town Hall Meeting, joins us for an "Energizing" Happy Hour reception.  Kick off the night's activities with snacks and drinks.  Full details on the reception will be posted at the town hall meeting.

For additional information, please contact Stephen Bennett (, Heidi Centola (, Julie Lundquist (, Melinda Marquis (, Manda Adams (, or Kevin Stenson (

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