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Town Hall Meeting: Improving Forecasts and Warnings Through Social Science Partnerships

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Monday, 7 January 12:15–1:15 p.m.; Room 11AB

An important goal of weather forecasting is to communicate useful information that enhances a person’s decision-making to reduce the risk of loss of life and property. All individuals are affected by weather and, thus, weather forecasts, but how does the public respond to predictions issued by meteorologists and how can the meteorological community better communicate impending impacts during significant weather events? In order to realize the potential benefits associated with improved weather prediction, understanding how individuals and socioeconomic sectors use different types of weather information is essential.

The AMS Board for Operational Government Meteorologists and AMS Board on Societal Impacts is co-sponsoring this Town Hall Meeting to explore the human dimension of forecast products. In particular the partnership of the meteorological and social science communities will be stressed through discussion of initiatives and success stories in the application of social science within various meteorological sectors. The Town Hall will foster exchange of established best practices in the social sciences with the practical challenges in the meteorological community. The question and answer period will allow attendees to obtain first-hand information on these topics from experts ranging from social scientists to emergency management and the National Weather Service.

Expert Panelists include:

Rick Knabb, National Hurricane Center

Jennifer Sprague, National Weather Service

Lans Rothfusz, National Severe Storms Laboratory

Eve Gruntfest, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

Amy Godsey, Florida Division of Emergency Management

Julie Demuth, National Center for Atmospheric Research

For additional information, please contact Amy Godsey (Amy.Godsey@em.myflorida.com), David Novak (David.Novak@noaa.gov), or Sheldon Drobot (drobot@rap.ucar.edu).