2013 AMS Annual Meeting


Town Hall Meeting: International collaboration in NWP research - What's after THORPEX?

THORPEX, an international research and development program to accelerate the improvements in the accuracy of one-day to two-week high impact weather forecasts for the benefit of society, the economy, and the environment, is scheduled to conclude at the end of 2014. The World Weather Research Programme (WWRP) is currently considering priorities of international collaboration in post-THORPEX research on predictability, dynamical processes, numerical weather prediction, ensemble prediction systems, and societal impacts. In this regard, the US THORPEX Science Steering Committee (USTSSC) would like to solicit views and comments from the US weather research and operations community. In this town hall meeting, research priorities will be discussed, with the goal of compiling a set of recommendations to be shared with the broader international community. Those who are interested in attending, please email Edmund Chang, Chair of USTSSC ( Those who are unable to attend this town hall meeting are also encouraged to submit comments by email.

For additional information, please contact Edmund Chang (

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