2014 AMS Annual Meeting


Town Hall Meeting: Science with a Vengeance

Who were the first space scientists in the United States?  Names like James Van Allen, Herb Friedman, Richard Tousey, Homer Newell and William Rense are those we think of when we think back to the first scientists who designed and built devices to sense the nature of the Earth's high atmosphere and explore the nature of solar radiation beyond the atmospheric cutoff. They used vehicles like captured German V-2 missiles, the Navy's Viking and then Aerobee sounding rockets to make these observations. Here we look back at who these people were, why they chose such difficult challenges, and why none of them were established physicists or astronomers who had disciplinary training that stimulated the questions they wanted to answer with these instruments. UCAR will be sponsoring a limited number of box lunches during the town hall meeting.

For additional infomation, please contact Susan Baltuch, (e-mail: [email protected]).

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