2015 AMS Themed Joint Sessions

Monday–Thursday, 5–8 January

During the 95th Annual Meeting in Phoenix, several themed joint sessions offer attendees a great opportunity to learn about cutting-edge science, applications, and outreach activities related to the annual meeting theme of “Fulfilling the Vision of Weather, Water, and Climate Information for Every Need, Time, and Place.” In support of the President’s theme, partnering conferences and symposia have joined to provide sessions highlighting the creation, dissemination, and research support for weather, water, and climate information to augment a broad range of activities throughout the enterprise.

  • The Observations Gap: Approaches to filling observation gaps at higher space and time scales, as needed, for next-generation forecasting and monitoring
  • The Last Mile: Methods and technologies for delivering custom weather, water, and climate information to everyone in the world
  • The New Scientists and Professionals: Ensuring a next generation educated and supported to match the daunting spectrum of user and technology drivers
  • Communication Challenges: Communicating the costs, impacts, and needs of the weather, water, and climate enterprise
  • Growing Importance of Extremes: The example of drought in California and the West
  • Human Alteration of Weather and Climate: Engineering, ethics, and politics