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Town Hall Meeting: Future Challenges for NMHSs and the Opportunities of Partnership Working

Scientific Program: Conferences and Symposia
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Tuesday, 6 January, 7:30–8:15 a.m.; Room 124A

The Met Office works with National Met. Services, other public institutions and the private sector around the world to deliver impact-based, actionable services. As a global community, it's clear that we can achieve far more together than in isolation: collaborating across cultural, scientific and sector-specific boundaries, we are able to add more value for our customers and end users than ever before. In a world facing unprecedented environmental risks, the challenge for us all now is to work together to realise the potential that our collective capabilities hold. Rob Varley, Met Office Chief Executive, will lead the discussion during this town hall meeting.

For additional information, please contact Laura Paterson (e-mail: laura.paterson@metoffice.gov.uk).