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Town Hall Meeting: Future Directions for Employment for Newly Graduated Meteorologists

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015; 12:15–1:15 p.m.; Room 121BC

The AMS Board on Higher Education, Board for Operational Government Meteorologists, and Weather Analysis and Forecast Committee invite you to participate in a panel discussion regarding employment opportunities and challenges for newly graduated meteorologists.  Panelists from government and private sectors will be on hand to provide insight on where job opportunities are opening up and what future indicators are suggesting for the next several years.  Short talks will be given by each panelist, along with a Q&A session at the end. Areas addressed will include:

  • Additional skills that make a new B.S. holder more competitive in the job market
  • Tips on finding job opportunities
  • Additional strategies to enhance your potential for employment
  • Benefits of additional education

All members of the AMS community, including undergraduate and graduate students, post docs, and early career professionals are encouraged to attend this one hour town hall meeting.

For additional information, please contact R. Bruce Telfeyan (e-mail: r_bruce.telfeyan@us.af.mil).