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Town Hall Meeting: Strategic Planning Update for UCAR and NCAR

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015 7:00–8:15 a.m.; Room 126A

The National Center for Atmospheric Research and its managing entity, the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, have undertaken strategic planning over the last two years. The UCAR plan is in the final draft stages after input from UCAR's 103 member universities. The NCAR plan has recently been finalized after community consultation and input from NSF. The two documents that have emerged will work in concert with each other, with UCAR's plan supporting the science goals outlined in the NCAR plan.  This town hall will update attendees on the current status of the UCAR plan, including broad themes and objectives and the emergent goals related to research, facilities, services, education, training, and other activities of broad interest. A brief overview of NCAR's future directions based on its new strategic plan will also be provided.

For additional information, please contact Gloria Kelly, 303 497-2102, gloriak@ucar.edu.