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Town Hall Meeting: Wind-wave-current interactions, high winds, and tropical cyclones

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015; 6:00–8:30 p.m.; Room 124A

We will discuss a new initiative for complex measurements in hurricanes with the purpose of advancing hurricane modeling.

Physics of air-sea interactions, wave dynamics, atmospheric boundary layer, and upper ocean currents/mixing are very different in extreme winds compared to more benign conditions. However, our ability to observe and understand these physics is very limited. Often extrapolations from moderate conditions are relied upon even though they may not be physically justified.

While theoretical research and numerical modeling of physics under extreme wind conditions have improved significantly over the last decade, there is little experimental and field evidence to validate and calibrate the models. In this meeting, we will discuss a new initiative to measure surface waves, air-sea fluxes, near-surface ocean turbulence/currents/mixing, and structure of the near-surface atmospheric boundary layer in extreme wind conditions for use in model validation. Please follow the link for more details (http://www.po.gso.uri.edu/airsea/ASI2015hurricane/Extreme_Events_meeting_AMS_2015.pdf) 

For additional information, please contact Alex Babanin (ababanin@swin.edu.au), Isaac Ginis (iginis@mail.uri.edu), Tetsu Hara (thara@uri.edu).