2016 AMS Annual Meeting


About Annual Meeting

The AMS Annual Meeting is the world’s largest yearly gathering for the weather, water, and climate community. It brings together great minds from a diverse set of scientific disciplines – helping attendees make career-long professional contact and life-long friends while learning from the very top people in the atmospheric sciences.

“I often say the Annual Meeting should be on the bucket list of any weather enthusiast or professional in the field of weather, climate, meteorology, and atmospheric sciences.”

     – Marshall Shepherd, University of Georgia and AMS past president

96th Annual Meeting Location


96th Annual Meeting Theme: Earth System Science in Service to Society

The primary idea that motivated the words above is to bring the many parts of AMS into a common theme.  The “Earth System Science” theme emphasizes that the growing knowledge of the academic and research communities about our Earth system is a strength of AMS.  AMS brings together the physical, chemical, and biological study of the Earth, allowing important decisions to be made by policy makers and the public.  Read More


AMS National Officers

President: Alexander E. MacDonald

President Elect:  Frederick H. Carr

Executive Director: Keith L. Seitter

Executive Directors Emeritus: Richard E. Hallgren and Ronald D. McPherson

Secretary–Treasurer: Richard D. Rosen


2016 Annual Meeting Overall Program Committee

Mary Cairns, Chairperson

Heidi Centola, Scott Mackaro and Zhaoxia (Patricia) Pu


2016 Annual Meeting Program Chairpersons

Josh Alland, Robert Atlas, Susan Avery, Kristen Averyt, Lourdes Aviles, Bruce Baker, Joe Bassi, Andrea Bleistein, Barbara Mayes Boustead, Amy Butros, Ken Carey, Kristy Carter, Edmund Chang, Andrew Clifton, Jeff Collett, Gerry Creager, Brian D‘Agostino, Kristie Ebi , Kerry Emanuel, Brian Etherton, John Eylander, Jiwen Fan, Eric Fetzer , Genene Fisher, Tanja Fransen, John Furgerson, Dave Gochis, Jie Gong, Sultan Hameed, Steve Hanna, Patrick Harr, Douglas Hilderbrand , Scott Jacobs, Michael Jamilkowski, Dave Jones , Olivia Kellner, Benjamin Kirtman, Kevin Kloesel , Sonia Kreidenweis, Matt Lacke, Valliappa Lakshmanan, Johnny Lin, Sharan Majumdar, Steve Mango, Bob McCoy, Amy McGovern, John McHenry, Gary McWilliams, Daniel Mendoza , Cecilia Miner, Tim Miner, Brian Mischel, Andrew Molthan, Jinny Nathans, Randy Peppler, John Pereira, Nicolas Powell, Pallav Ray, Jared Rennie , Timothy J. Schmit, Carl Schreck, Chris Schultz, Hyodae Seo, Kathy Sherman-Morris , Viviane Silva, Chris Strager, Austin Stanforth, Diane Stanitski, Andre van der Westhuysen, Jennifer Vanos, Olga Wilhelmi , Jeff Weil , Dan Wilks, Klaus Wolter, Jim Yoe, Fuqing Zhang, Renyi Zhang

Cosponsors of the 96th Annual Meeting

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