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Seventh Conference on Environment and Health

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Authors & Presenters

Please review our Presenter Guidelines.

Please note that abstract fees are only refundable if your abstract is rejected for presentation and Any abstracts withdrawn after acceptance must still be paid in full.

Important Dates

  • Check/Change Abstract Title and Author Listing Deadline: 2 November 2015
  • Oral Presentation Upload Deadline (before meeting): 4 January 2016
  • Supplementary Information Upload Deadline 11 February 2015

Sponsors and Organizers

The Seventh Conference on Environment and Health is organized by the AMS Board on Environment and Health and is sponsored by the American Meteorological Society. Please feel free to visit the board’s website for more information about their work: http://www2.ametsoc.org/stac/index.cfm/boards/board-on-environment-and-health/

Call for Papers

The theme for the 2016 AMS Annual Meeting, “Earth System Science in Service to Society”, weaves the many parts of AMS into a common core. Emphasizing the academic and research strength of AMS, the theme also connects research to the benefits that society gains from our science. AMS merges the physical, chemical, and biological study of the Earth with human-centered “domains of action”: (1) Observing, (2) Analysis and research leading to understanding, (3) Modeling and prediction, and (4) Social sciences – how people deal with Earth. “Service to Society” explicitly evokes the integrated and complementary government and commercial enterprise that the AMS has done so much to foster over the last decade.  The 2016 meeting integrates AMS’ proud, nearly 100-year history of making a positive difference in the lives of our citizens by continually communicating the advances of its science research to the public and policy makers. 

The Seventh Conference on Environment and Health (7Health) will address these areas as they pertain to human health risks and human diseases.  Topics of relevance include:

  • Earth observations that support health early warning systems and monitoring of disease risks
  • Modeling of human diseases and human health risks, including those associated with exposure to heat, air pollution, extreme weather events, disease vectors and infectious agents.
  • The development, implementation, and evaluation of health early warning systems
  • Human health risk communications
  • Economic valuation of weather and climate risks to human health

In addition, 7 Health invites papers on subjects associated with these specific topics:

  • Human health risks associated with the coastal and estuarine environments, from a One Health perspective.
  • Urban studies that support the understanding of urban growth and climate variability impacts on health, adaptation, and resilience.
  • Research and projects which explore the interaction between the urban climate and the health of the local population. 
  • Hurricanes and human health - research exploring the diversity of human health impacts due to the direct and indirect consequences of hurricanes, such as those associated with flooding, infrastructure damage, mental state, disease and/or virus outbreaks, food illness, etc. 

Joint Sessions

Abstracts can be submitted at the Abstract Submission Page (https://ams.confex.com/ams/96Annual/7health/papers/index.cgi?username=279034&password=783447) for the following sessions:

Joint with Symposium on Societal Applications: Policy, Research and Practice

• Risk communication of vector-borne diseases
• Integrative approaches to understanding extreme heat risk
• Consideration of human health in weather disaster preparedness and response

Joint with Transitions Research to Operations

• NASA Earth Observations and Climate Change
• Climate Change and Infectious Diseases
• Oceans (Satellites) and Human Health
• Studies involving Heatwave Variability and Intensity Related to our Changing Climate

Joint with Weather Ready Nation

• Development, implementation, and evaluation of health early warning systems
• Earth observations that support health early warning systems and monitoring of disease risks

Joint with Climate Variability and Change

•Studies involving heat wave variability and intensity related to our changing change

Joint with Education

• Integrating Health into K-12 Earth Science education
• Professional Education for Climate Change and Health: Best Practices for Interdisciplinary Training


Featured Themed Joint Session

Urban studies that support the understanding of urban growth and climate variability impacts on health, adaptation, and resilience: Exploring growth and development of urban areas and how cities are impacted by, and must prepare for, climate variability and change in a multitude of ways

(Joint with Weather Ready Nation (host), Applied Climatology, and Climate Variability & Change).


Student Award Opportunities

Student Award Opportunities

The Board on Environment and Health is pleased to be able to offer presentation and travel awards to participating students of the 96th Annual AMS meeting. Individuals who have questions or are interested in applying for these opportunities should contact Austin Stanforth: acstanfo@umail.iu.edu with the appropriate information.


Student Presentation Awards:

Four (4) presentation awards, in total, will be extended to the top student presenters (undergraduate and graduate) participating in the Seventh Conference on Environment and Health. The awards include a $75 award and certificate of achievement from AMS. Students will be graded by board members, using a standardized rubric, where the highest cumulative scores will receive an award. To be eligible, students must indicate their interest in participating by completing the following form: http://goo.gl/forms/DEeNBpSzXh
Students should express interest in participating in the competition immediately after submitting their abstract. Award announcements will be made by the middle of February, 2016 after the conference


Student Travel Awards: 

To encourage the participation of young scientist in the AMS conference, travel awards will be available to students participating in the Seventh Conference on Environment and Health. Two (2) undergraduate awards are available for $250, and two (2) graduate awards worth $350 are available to assist with the expenses of participating in the conference. Interested parties should note these awards will be processed after the conclusion of the conference in a ‘reimbursement’ fashion. To be eligible, students must participate in the Seventh Conference on Environment and Health, and must be a current student in good academic standing (e.g. not on probation or disciplinary action for grades or conduct). Award decisions will be made by the Board’s conference planning committee based on perceived need and the student’s qualifications. Interested participants should complete the following form (http://goo.gl/forms/PAcg9KVu9m) and submit their resume or CV to Austin Stanforth (acstanfo@umail.iu.edu) with the subject: “AMS 96th Conference – Student Travel Awards” by August 15th, 2015. Award notification will take place by November 2015.

Any additional questions, including requests to access the form, may be directed to Austin Stanforth (acstanfo@umail.iu.edu)

Program Chair(s)

For additional information please contact the program representatives:

Jennifer Vanos - jennifer.vanos@ttu.edu

Kristie Ebi - krisebi@essllc.org

Austin Stanforth - acstanfo@umail.iu.edu