2016 AMS Annual Meeting


Selected Recorded Presentations Now Available



Did you know recorded presentations are free to view for all? In mid February, all recorded presentation from the Annual will be online. For now, you can watch the selected recorded presentations below:



16th Presidential Forum


Serving Society in Times of Crisis: Past, Present and Future

Moderator Maureen McCann, News 13 Orlando

Admiral Thad Allen, United States Coast Guard (ret), Executive Vice President Booz Allen Hamilton, McLean, VA;Kerry Emanuel, EAPS, MIT, Cambridge, MA; Shirley Laska, University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA and Max Mayfield, WPLG-TV/Former NOAA/National Hurricane Center Director, Miami, FL

Watch the Video Recording of the 16th Presidential Forum on Youtube

Presidential Town Hall Meetings


An Informal Discussion with Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker

Penny Pritzker, U.S Department of Commerce, Washington, DC

Watch the Video Recording of this Presidential Town Hall Meeting on Youtube


The Historical Development of Meteorology over the Last 100 Years or so, as Seen from Norway

Director General Anton Eliassen, Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Oslo, Norway


Presidential Town Hall on Demystifying Careers in the Atmospheric Sciences

Heidi Centola, Manager of Business Development at Schneider Electric, Dr. Michael Farrar, Director, Meteorological Development Laboratory, and Dr. Kevin Petty, Chief Science Officer at Vaisala



Bernhard Haurwitz Lecture


What's Happening over the Poles?

John Marshall, MIT, Cambridge, MA



Horton Lecture


Climate and Humans as Amplifiers of Hydro-ecologic Change: Science and Policy Implications for Intensively Managed Landscapes

Efi Foufoula-Georgiou Sr., Univ. of Minnesota/National Center for Earth Surface Dynamics, Minneapolis, MN



Walter Orr Roberts Lecture


Understanding the Earth System through Numerical Modeling: Crossing the Disciplinary Frontiers

V. Ramaswamy, NOAA/GFDL, Princeton, NJ



Core Science Keynotes


Weather Predictability

Richard Rotunno, NCAR, Boulder, CO


Environmental Impacts of Electricity Generation Technologies—a Review of GHG Emissions, Water Use, and Land Use, with a Focus on Oil and Gas Systems

Garvin A. Heath, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO


Inventing Atmospheric Science. The Quest for Prevision and the Gordian Knots of Meteorology

James Rodger Fleming, Colby College, Waterville, ME


Applied Climatology: Polishing Its Golden Age

Barbara E. Mayes Boustead, NOAA/NWS, Valley, NE


Madden-Julian Oscillation: Impact, Challenge, and Progress

Chidong Zhang, Univ. of Miami/RSMAS, Miami, FL


What is One Health: Why Should I Care, and What is the Connection to Climate, Weather and Water?

Juli Trtanj, NOAA/OAR/Climate Program Office, Silver Spring, MD


The Language, Libraries and Culture of Python in Meteorology

Jonathan Helmus, ANL, Argonne, IL



Special Sysmposium


Special Symposium on Hurricane Katrina

Former National Hurricane Center Director Max Mayfield, Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Craig Fugate



Themed Joint Session


Urban Studies that Support the Understanding of Urban Growth and Climate Variability Impacts on Health, Adaptation, and Resilience—Part I

Karen DeSalvo, National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), Acting Assistant Secretary for Health, Washington, DC
















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