AMS Short Course on the Data Management Resource Center


The AMS Short Course on Data Management Planning and Implementation: Training on available open-source tools and services from the community and Unidata will be held on 10 January 2016 preceding the 96th AMS Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Data management mandates from Federal funding agencies, professional societies, and publishers are now covering all scales of research efforts. The intended participant for this training is the practicing researcher that it is seeking to identify current requirements and possible solutions for implementing data management best practices in their research effort.  

This course will provide information on the current mandates, present a research practitioner-focused approach to data management, and introduce freely available existing services and tools that can be implemented to meet data management best practices.

The course format consists of a half-day session with lecture on requirements and best practices followed by hands-on exercises introducing participants to available tools and services. Instructors for the course will be Jeff Weber and Josh Young both from the Unidata Program Center at UCAR.

For more information please contact Josh Young at Unidata. (tel: 303-497-8646; email: ).