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Presidential Town Hall Meeting on Demystifying Careers in the Atmospheric Sciences

Wednesday, 13 January, 12:15–1:15 p.m.; Room 252/254

The rapid growth of atmospheric, weather, and climate science applications in industry, finance, and the corporate sector opens a range of career opportunities for AMS members beyond the better known careers in academia and the federal government. In this Presidential Town Hall, weather enterprise leaders will share concepts, thoughts, and perspectives on how their industries operate and what skill sets they value. In addition, they will share thoughts on employment trends, changes, and areas of future growth. Whether you are a mid-career professional, freshly graduated, or looking for your next adventure, this discussion will raise your awareness of opportunities in our field, and the skills and competencies that employers are looking for. In the current ever-fluxing employment climate, when mid-career job changes are common and new directions and opportunities are emerging in our field, AMS is committed to supporting our members in bringing their skills to the service of society.

Panelists: Heidi Centola, Manager of Business Development at Schneider Electric, Dr. Michael Farrar, Director, Meteorological Development Laboratory, and Dr. Kevin Petty, Chief Science Officer at Vaisala

Moderator: Rebecca Haacker

For additional information, please contact Scott Mackaro.