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Presidential Town Hall Meeting: The Historical Development of Meteorology over the Last 100 Years or so, as seen from Norway

Tuesday, 12 January, 12:15–1:15 p.m.; Room 245

Vilhelm Bjerknes initiated the era of modern meteorology around 1900 when he proposed that weather prediction be treated as an initial value problem of mathematical physics. In the subsequent development of dynamic meteorology, Nordic and American scientists have played key roles. Their scientific interaction produced results that form today’s theoretical basis for our understanding of the behavior of the atmosphere and numerical weather prediction. Dr. Eliassen (speaker) will highlight selected parts of this transatlantic interaction from a scientific but also personal perspective since he met many of these scientists in his youth, being the son of one of those who played a key role in this period. Dr. Eliassen will also present the development of atmospheric chemistry and its relationship with dynamic meteorology based on personal experience. Finally he will have a look at whether the general public has received its fair share of present-day, high-quality weather forecasting.  

For additional information, please contact Annie Reiser.