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Town Hall Meeting: NOAA Space Platform Requirements Working Group (SPRWG)

Tuesday, 12 January, 7:00–8:15 a.m.; Room 252/254

NOAA is beginning a study (NOAA Satellite Observing System Architecture Study, or NSOSA) to plan for the future operational environmental satellite system that will follow GOES and JPSS, beginning about 2030. This is an opportunity to design a modern architecture with no pre-conceived notions regarding instruments, platforms, orbits, etc. Part of this study is the Space Platforms Requirements Working Group (SPRWG), which is being commissioned by NESDIS. The SPRWG is charged to assess new or existing requirements against the baseline architecture, and to provide relative priorities for observational requirements in the context of the future architecture.

The SPRWG will confirm and/or provide inputs for new foundational (Level 0 and Level 1) requirements for the next generation of NOAA satellites post the GOES-R, JPSS, DSCOVR, and COSMIC-2 missions, with the goal of achieving a more flexible, responsive and sustainable architecture.

For additional information, please contact Johannes Loschnigg or Richard Anthes.