2016 AMS Annual Meeting


Town Hall Meeting: Weather Ready Nations (WRNs)

“Weather Ready Nation” has become the guiding set of principles for evolving the U.S. National Weather Service.  Other countries are developing—or have developed—similar visions for the future, which emphasize ‘impact based decision support’ and responsiveness to subsets of users. The U.S. Government, in conjunction with WMO and other countries, have begun the establishment of “Weather Ready Nations”, an initiative to expand internationally the appropriate use of lessons learned thus far.  Current plans are to hold two workshops in order to draft a list of “Best Practices” and to design three demonstration projects.  These projects would explore application of selected practices in developing countries—examples might include use of WRN “ambassadors”, developing a weather ready plan or ‘roadmap’, and application of social and economic benefits analysis to assist in better defining user community needs.  Please join us at this Town Hall meeting for further discussion of this initiative.

For additional information, please contact Viviane Silva.

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