Education Symposium

AMS Symposium on Education - Calling All Teachers!

The next annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) will take place in Austin, TX from 7-11 January 2018.  The Symposium on Education sessions run from Monday through Wednesday that week.
There are twelve sessions planned as part of the Symposium on Education.  The first day is focused on pre-college education and will involve hands on learning activities and active learning sessions.  The second day will kick off with presentations by Broadcast Meteorologists who will discuss "Television Meteorologists as Educators."  The day will end with a Town Hall session where we actively discuss ways to interact with community members throughout the year and brainstorm ideas for future creative sessions and education activities.  The final day will include discussions about diversity in the education arena and university instruction focused on Atmospheric Dynamics.  A poster session is scheduled each afternoon with themes of education, outreach and broader impacts.
We hope you will join us for exciting discussions and presentations about education and outreach, as well as sharing and learning about ways to enhance education in our classrooms and beyond.  See our Call For Papers for more details.   
Here are the AMS session topics:
   Pre-College Education Initiatives 
   University Education Initiatives 
   Outreach and Broader Impacts 
   Innovative Teaching Strategies in University Instruction on Atmospheric Dynamics
   Using Alternative Presentation Formats to Inform your Audience 
   Effective Strategies for Increasing Minority Participation in the Atmospheric Sciences 
   Building Tomorrow's Atmospheric Science Workforce 
   Active learning demonstrations from the atmospheric sciences 
   Research relevant to the teaching and learning of atmospheric science 
   Television Meteorologists As Educators (themed joint session with 46th Conference on Broadcast Meteorology) 
   Scientific Communication (joint session with EIPT, the 34th Conference on Environmental Information Processing Technologies) 
   Poster Session (including education, outreach, and broader impacts topics)
We hope you'll join us!
Diane and Jeff
Co-chairs, Symposium on Education

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