16th Symposium on the Coastal Environment

Topics Covered

The theme for the 2018 AMS Annual Meeting is “Transforming Communication in the Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise”. Communication is an essential part of the weather, climate, and water enterprise. Significant challenges remain in communicating emergency actions simply, expressing probabilistic/uncertainty information clearly, honing our predictive skills, and perfecting our data collection and analysis techniques. These issues are brought into sharp focus in coastal regions: with steadily-expanding human activity in this increasingly vulnerable region, clear and accurate communication of weather-related hazards and uncertainty is becoming increasingly important. The 16th Symposium on the Coastal Environment will explore the various challenges and opportunities in the communication of weather in the coastal zones of the world. Session Topics include:

  • Joint Session: Air Pollution in the Coastal Environment
  • Joint Session: Big Data in the Coastal Environment
  • Joint Session: High-Performance Computing Applications in the Coastal Zone
  • Joint Session: Regional and Coastal Hydrodynamic Model Coupling: (a) Storm Surge and Coastal Hazards; (b) Hydrological Impacts; (c) Biogeochemical Impacts
  • Creating and Communicating Medium- to Seasonal and Long-Term Forecasts in the Coastal Environment
  • Novel Observational Techniques for the Coastal Environment: (a) Drones, Remote Sensing and Regional Networks; (b) Data Assimilation and Management
  • Communicating Scientific Uncertainty in the Coastal Environment
  • Case studies

Student Award Opportunities

The Committee on the Coastal Environment is proud to be awarding a Best Student Oral Presentation award at the 16th Symposium on the Coastal Environment, to be held 8-10 January 2018 in Austin, Texas. The first place prize money is $200 and the second place is $100. These awards will recognize outstanding student contributions based on the technical difficulty level, the impact of the study, and the presentation style. The Committee will also be supporting up to three students presenting papers at the 16th Symposium by reimbursing their travel expenses to a value of $400 each, to cover registration fees, transportation costs, food and lodging. To apply, students should prepare a short written statement (no more than one page) declaring their financial need and circumstance, relevance of their research to the Symposium, how they will benefit from attending the Symposium, and a copy of their abstract for the meeting. The deadline for application for travel support is 15 October 2017. Travel allowance winners will be notified on 1 November 2017

Conference Contact(s)

For additional information please contact the program chairpersons, Mona Behl (email: mbehl@uga.edu) and Michael DeFlorio (email: mike.deflorio@gmail.com).