46th Conference on Broadcast Meteorology

The opening day of the Broadcast Conference on 8 January 2018 will be held in conjunction with the Robert T. “Bob” Ryan Symposium. This day-long event will honor a pioneer in communicating weather and climate information throughout his nearly 40-year career as a broadcast meteorologist, most notably in the Washington, D.C. market.  With the theme of the 2018 Annual Meeting being “Transforming Communication in Weather, Water and Climate Enterprise”, a symposium in Bob’s honor is especially fitting. 

Topics Covered

As with every year we are soliciting papers on several broad themes for the Broadcasting Conference. We encourage presentations that focus on recent weather events and weather phenomenon unique to our host region.  We encourage broadcaster presentations showcasing how science is communicated across the country.  Student presentations are also welcome. 

Some suggested areas we hope to delve into during this year’s conference include the future of broadcast meteorology, interaction with and impact of social media, apps, and the digital sphere. This year the broadcast board is also looking to have case studies with climate as it relates to this year’s theme. We always encourage insight on big events that have occurred across the country, as well as panel discussion ideas. These can include how local weather stories can be better told (accurately and without undue sensationalism) at the network level and wise ways to accurately inform reporters (both local and national) about the context of weather events.

Discrimination is also within broadcast television.  Topics to consider include: How do we in broadcast appropriately identify cases of discrimination and also encourage diverse and inclusive workplaces?  How are employers meeting the legal needs and rights of new parents, both nursing mothers and new fathers?  How can television stations better value meteorology experience, knowledge and wisdom?

We also encourage a wide range of presentations from companion fields of science, including connections with social science, oceanography, agriculture, astronomy, and space weather.  

Conference Contact(s)

The 46th Conference on Broadcast Meteorology is organized by the Board of Broadcast Meteorology.

For more information or suggestions on the conference content please contact the 46th co-chairs Doug Heady (e-mail: dheady@koamtv.com), AJ Fox (e-mail: ajfox@ksee.com), Cheryl Nelson (e-mail: cher_nelson@hotmail.com), and Tim Heller (e-mail: Tim.Heller@abc.com).