Major Weather Impacts in 2017

Topics Covered

The Major Weather Events and Societal Impacts of 2017 symposium will have a poster session and a one day oral session that includes submitted abstracts and invited speakers. The sessions will specifically focus on the significant weather/water and climate events and their related societal impacts from winter of 2016-17 through the fall of 2017. Presentations and posters should include:

  • A brief meteorological/climatological review of the event
  • Describe why the event was major with what extremes and societal impacts were observed, and
  • Best practices on observing, forecasting and communicating the event.

Note:  Due to the very limited number of time slots for oral presentations, authors need to contact the chairpersons prior to submitting their abstract. This helps with planning purposes and to balance the number of invited speakers and submitted abstracts. We also try to hold a slot or two for events that occur after the abstract deadlines. Submitted abstracts will be notified of acceptance no later than 1 November 2017, which is generally later than other conferences at the annual meeting. 

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The Major Weather Impacts in 2017 is organized by the AMS Board of Societal Impacts.

For additional information please contact the program chairperson(s), Klaus Wolter (email: or Tanja Fransen (email: