Robert T. Ryan Symposium

The American Meteorological Society is proud to announce the Robert T. “Bob” Ryan Symposium will be held in his honor at the 98th Annual Meeting and 46th Broadcast Conference in Austin, Texas, on January 8, 2018. This Symposium will celebrate Bob’s career, achievements, and contributions to the American Meteorological Society.  Bob has earned the distinction as a CBM, CCM, Honorary Member and President of the AMS, an honor no other broadcast meteorologist has achieved in our Society.

With the theme of the 2018 Annual Meeting being “Transforming Communication in Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise”, a symposium honoring Bob Ryan is especially fitting given his passion for communicating weather and climate information throughout his nearly 40 year career as a broadcast meteorologist, most notably in the Washington, D.C. market.

Over his years working in television, the “art” of communication had changed significantly. But despite the changes, Bob remained at the forefront of technology, reaching people wherever they were getting their forecasts – a topic we plan on highlighting within this Symposium, complementing the overarching conference theme.  


Topics Covered

Papers are solicited on all aspects of broadcast meteorology, especially effective communication practices. Presenters are encouraged to look back on historical weather events that Bob covered, how technology played into the coverage, and how new technology can be used to better communicate weather in the future. 

Papers for this conference are solicited on:

  • Effective communication practices
  • Weather education
  • Societal impacts
  • Risk management
  • Social media
  • CCM topics
  • Mentoring

We suggest Bob’s numerous colleagues and former interns to consider a submission to this Symposium honoring him for his distinguished career and many contributions to the weather and climate enterprise.

Conference Contact(s)

If you have suggestions or questions about the content please contact the Symposium co-chairs Veronica Johnson ( and Maureen McCann (, 2017 AMS Broadcast Board Chair, Doug Heady (, 2018 AMS Broadcast Board Chair A.J. Fox (, or 2018 Broadcast Conference co-chairs Tim Heller ( and Cheryl Nelson (