AMS Short Course: Using PC/Mac-based HYSPLIT for Basic Trajectory and Dispersion Applications

Sunday, 7 January 2018, 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
Austin Convention Center 18A



The AMS Short Course on Using PC/Mac-based HYSPLIT for basic trajectory and dispersion applications will be held on 7 January 2018 preceding the 98th AMS Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas.

HYSPLIT, developed by NOAA’s Air Resources Laboratory, is one of the most widely used models for atmospheric trajectory and dispersion calculations. This modeling system includes a wide variety of tools ranging from simple back trajectories to very sophisticated computations of transport, mixing, chemical transformation, and deposition of pollutants and hazardous materials.  Applications of the HYSPLIT modeling system include the simulation of atmospheric tracer release experiments, radionuclides, hazardous chemicals, smoke originated from wild fires, volcanic ash, mercury, and wind-blown dust

The course is designed for novice HYSPLIT users and will be focused on the basic trajectory and particle dispersion calculation with each participant using their own PC or Mac (no Tablets/Ipad).  Topics will include meteorological data sources required for the computations, the trajectory calculation, sources of trajectory error, and the use of multiple trajectories including cluster analysis. The generation of multiple particle trajectories to compute dispersion patterns and air concentrations will be reviewed, including the uncertainty introduced by the limitations of the meteorological data. 

The course format consists of one day of lectures and hands-on exercises. The instructors for the course are

Roland Draxler, Consultant for NOAA/ARL. He will be joined by Dr. Ariel Stein Acting Deputy Director ARL and current HYSPLIT development team lead and Glenn Rolph Developer of ARL’s READY web site.

Individual laptops will be required for this course. Participants will be required to download and install the modeling suite before the course. Instructions for installing the model and workshop materials will be provided to each participant in advance.  Limited internet access will be available, however it is not required for this course.

For more information please contact Dr. Ariel Stein NOAA / Air Resources Laboratory

R/ARL - NCWCP - Room 4217, 5830 University Research Court, College Park, Maryland 20740. Phone: +1-301-683-1379 email: <>).

Short Course/Workshop Registration

All short course/workshop attendees must register and wear a badge/ribbon. Short course/workshop registration is not included in the 98th Annual Meeting registration, and short course/workshop registration does not include registration for the 98th AMS Annual Meeting.

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