Symposium on Pricing Carbon and Other Climate Policy Opportunities- The Economic, Political and Social Context

This half-day session includes overview talks, a panel discussion, and a Presidential Town Hall keynote address. Panelists will include representatives from integrated assessment modeling groups and leaders of political policy advocacy organizations. Overview talks will present the evidence that is used to justify transformative economic policy. Topics covered in the session may include:
• The climate system carbon budget
• Observed and expected impacts of climate change
• The role of government policy during previous economic transformations
• Energy and human development
• Proposed policy solutions
Ample time will be provided for audience Q&A. Speakers and panelists will be by invitation only.

Those considering attending this symposium are encouraged to attend relevant talks in the 33rd Conference on Climate Variability and Change, as well as the 11th Conference on Weather, Climate, and the New Energy Economy.

For additional information, please contact John Keller (email: and Caroline Normile (email: